“Can a person have eyes as seeing as telescopes
and a heart as large as planet Earth? Yes.
Proof? This book.”

—Mary L. Holden, Phoenix, AZ

dearest void is a collection of writings completed by Igor Brezhnev between the years of 2012 and 2016 and produced by Liquid Gravity Publishing for this limited edition.

Discover short prose poems and a couple short stories located somewhere between the mystical and the mundane, death and love, hope and despair, magic and reality, humanity and otherness. dearest void is a kind of travel diary with entries arranged not by date or place, but some arcane measure of encountered feeling.

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about the author

Igor Brezhnev is an author, an artist, a tinker and a thinker. He lives in Phoenix, Arizona and Portland, Oregon, depending on where the wind takes him, creating new writing and art.

the book of possibilities

You can download Igor's first e-book, the book of possibilities, at www.thebookofpossibilities.com.

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For press inquiries and event booking please contact Liquid Gravity Publishing.

For other inquiries contact Igor Brezhnev at info@igorbrezhnev.com

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